Condor Airlines provides travelers with the flexibility to change their flight bookings regardless of the fare class they have selected. The Condor Flight Change Policy allows travelers to modify their travel dates, times, and destinations. The airline’s Flex service also allows travelers to revoke a limited-fare reservation. In this article, we will provide a comprehensive guide on how to change your Condor flight booking, the restrictions and conditions you need to be aware of, and how to change your flight in the event of Covid-19 disruption.

Guidelines for Making a Condor Flight Change Request

Travelers can make a modification request for their flight changes on the Condor Airlines website. If the flight is booked through a travel agency, the traveler must contact the agency for change. Some important things to keep in mind when making a change request include the following.

  • You cannot change passenger information, such as phone numbers.
  • One can change the travel date or make a partial change to the round-trip flight segment.
  • The number of passengers on a reservation cannot be altered.
  • If the new flight schedule costs more than the original schedule, the traveler must pay the difference between the new and original prices. If the new price is lower, then the original ticket price is applied.
  • Changes can be made up to 24 hours before flight departure..
  • There are rebooking fees that may be applied and informed after selecting a new flight.
  • Travelers can request a flight change for free within 24 h of booking.
  • Within the same timeframe, travelers can also request flight cancellation.

How to Change Your Condor Flight

Travelers have the option of rebooking their flights online or through the airline’s contact center.

Change/Rebook Flight Online

To change a flight online, travelers must follow the following steps:

  1. Visit and log in to view your reservation.
  2. Use the “Change” option on the dashboard to rebook.
  3. Submit your request for change in the form provided.
  4. View of alternative flight options.
  5. Choose a new flight, review the information, and verify details.
  6. A summary of the modified booking is presented.
  7. Confirm the new reservation and pay the price difference if applicable.
  8. Receiving confirmation of the changed flight.

Change Flight Through the Contact Center

If the reservation for a specific passenger needs to be changed, the airline can be contacted directly. To change the flight route or apply a travel voucher, contact the airline’s flight change-reservation hotline to speak with a representative.

Cost of Changing a Flight

Most airlines allow their customers to modify their flights, subject to their own rebooking or changing policies. According to the Condor Change Flight Policy, rebooking fees can be applied.

Can I change my condor flight?

Yes, you can change your condor flight if you booked it online through the airline’s website. You can make important modifications in the “Manage My Booking” section. If you are booked through a different source, you can contact the customer service center to request a flight change. The Condor flight change policy allows you to change your flight date, time, and destination, making your flight journey more comfortable.

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