Etihad Airways, a prominent airline based in the United Arab Emirates, offers a flexible name correction policy to cater to the diverse needs of its passengers. This policy allows travelers to make essential changes to their names on their tickets, ensuring a seamless travel experience. In this detailed article, we will delve into the Etihad Airways name change policy, exploring the rules, procedures, and fees associated with modifying names on tickets.

Overview of Etihad Airways Name Change Policy

Etihad Airways understands that travelers may need to make changes to their names due to various reasons such as marriage, divorce, or other personal circumstances. To accommodate these changes, the airline has implemented a comprehensive name correction policy that allows passengers to modify their names on their tickets. The policy is designed to ensure that the name on the ticket matches the name on the passenger’s passport or legal identification documents.

Types of Name Changes Allowed

Etihad Airways allows several types of name changes, including:

  1. Title Changes: Changes to titles such as Mr., Mrs., Ms., etc. are free of charge.
  2. Typographical Errors: Minor spelling errors of up to three characters can be corrected without incurring a fee.
  3. Full or Partial Name Changes: Changes to full or partial names, subject to proof, will incur a fee.
  4. Maiden Name to Married Name: Changes from a maiden name to a married name will incur a fee.
  5. Married Name to Maiden Name: Changes from a married name to a maiden name will incur a fee.
  6. Nickname to Full Name: Changes from a nickname or shortened name to a full name will incur a fee.
  7. Addition of Middle Name: Adding a middle name will incur a fee.
  8. Addition of Last Name: Adding a last name or surname will incur a fee.

Fees Associated with Name Changes

Etihad Airways charges a fee for most name changes, except for title changes and minor spelling errors of up to three characters. The fees for name changes vary depending on the type of change and the circumstances. For example, changes from a maiden name to a married name or vice versa incur a fee of USD 100 or AU $150 if the ticket was purchased in Australia.

Procedure for Name Changes

To make a name change on an Etihad Airways ticket, passengers can follow these steps:

  1. Contact Etihad Airways: Passengers can contact Etihad Airways through their official website, phone, or visit an airport ticket counter.
  2. Provide Supporting Documents: Passengers must provide valid legal identification documents, such as a passport or government-issued ID, and any relevant legal documents, such as a marriage certificate or divorce decree.
  3. Pay the Fee (If Applicable): Passengers must pay the applicable fee for the name change.
  4. Confirm the Change: Once the fee is paid, the name change will be confirmed, and the passenger will receive a new ticket with the updated name.

Special Considerations for Name Changes

Etihad Airways has specific rules and procedures for certain types of name changes:

  1. Marriage and Divorce: Passengers who have undergone a marriage or divorce must provide supporting legal documents to facilitate the name change.
  2. Transfer of Ticket: Etihad Airways does not allow the transfer of tickets to another person. If a passenger needs to transfer their ticket, they must cancel their current booking and make a new booking with the correct name.
  3. Code Shares: If a passenger’s ticket includes flights operated by another airline under a code share agreement, they must contact the operating airline to make any name changes.

Tips and Reminders

To ensure a smooth name change process, passengers should:

  1. Review the Policy: Understand the Etihad Airways name change policy and the associated fees before making any changes.
  2. Provide Accurate Information: Ensure that the new name is accurate and matches the passenger’s legal identification documents.
  3. Make Changes Early: Try to make name changes as early as possible to avoid any last-minute issues or additional fees.
  4. Contact Etihad Airways: Reach out to Etihad Airways directly for any questions or concerns regarding name changes.

Etihad Airways’ name change policy is designed to provide flexibility and convenience to its passengers. By understanding the policy and procedures, passengers can make essential changes to their names on their tickets, ensuring a hassle-free travel experience. Whether the change is due to marriage, divorce, or other personal circumstances, Etihad Airways is committed to supporting its passengers through every step of the process.

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