If you have booked a flight with Brussels Airlines and need to reschedule your flight, you are at the right platform. One can quickly make according to their needs and requirements. Not only that, but passengers get a lot of other services. Go through this tutorial and follow the instructions and guidelines given below to complete your task in one fell swoop without any hassle or thought.

Brussels Airlines flight change policy:

  • The 24-hour flight change policy states that if you are in the risk-free period and wish to change or reschedule your ticket, you can do so free of charge or without additional fees. The only condition is that the tickets must be booked at least 7 days before departure.
  • If you fail to change your flight within the risk-free period, you will be charged certain fees. The screen would show the exact fees that would be charged.
  • There would be many passengers who booked tickets in a group. In case you want to make individual changes, you can always do the same. There is a separate process that will need to be followed to accomplish such a task. In such cases, the change fee would only apply to individual tickets.
  • In case there is any difference in the amount when passengers change flights, passengers would have to pay the same amount to complete the process of changing airlines.
  • Passengers can change or reschedule their ticket either through an online process or an offline process. This choice is solely up to passengers which mode suits them best to proceed with the booking process.

Brussels Airlines 24 hour change policy

  • There is something called a risk-free period that Brussels Airlines passengers are privileged to enjoy. If you do the same within this period, no change fees will be charged.
  • This policy does not apply to all valid tickets. This depends solely on the type and class in which the passenger has made the reservation.
  • In case there is any difference in the fare, then the passengers would surely have to bear the same by paying the difference amount.

How to changes a Brussels Airlines reservations?

Now that passengers are well equipped with airline change policies, the next thing that passengers would like to know is the flight change process. The following part of the tutorial will guide you through the entire process of doing the same. In case of any confusion or questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

Changes to your reservation through the online process:

  • Log in to the Brussels Airlines portal from where the booking was made using the device that works best for you.
  • Once done, select Manage My Booking which will be available on the home page of the official website.
  • Select the name or PNR number with which you want to proceed with the flight change and then simply go to My Bookings.
  • The flight details will now appear on the screen where they can make changes as per their needs which can be in the form of seats, food, date or flight time.
  • If your chosen option requires a fee to be paid, passengers can do the same.
  • Once the same is completed, the flight change process will be completed in an efficient manner.

Changes to your booking through the offline process:

  • Log in to the Brussels Airlines portal from where the booking was made using the device that works best for you.
  • Click or tap the Contact Us section for a list of available options to connect with Brussels Airlines representatives.
  • Passengers can now choose their mode of connection which can be toll free phone number, email or chat support.
  • Depending on the mode chosen, passengers can enter their PNR number and the type of change they would like to make with the airlines.
  • Once confirmed, the agents will make the necessary changes and passengers will receive the updated ticket to their registered email address.

Changes to a reservation through the airport:

  • Passengers can visit the Brussels ticket counter at the airport and join the queue.
  • Passengers can wait to meet with an executive who can help them with the airline change process.
  • Once you meet, describe the change you are looking at to the supervisor who is available.
  • In case of any charges, passengers can simply pay the same and complete the change process on Brussels Airlines.

Brussels Airlines Name Change Policy

  • If you are looking to change the name on the ticket, it is practically impossible. However, in special circumstances, passengers may allow the name on the ticket to be changed.
  • There may be some typos when booking tickets. In this case, a name change is possible. However, in such cases, a copy of the original passport should be provided so that it can be verified.
  • In case you are willing to change your name for the sake of selling a ticket, it is practically impossible. This should be strictly prohibited.
  • In special circumstances, passengers can directly go or contact the service center to change their name immediately without any problems.
  • In case there is any change in the official name, the ID will need to be sent to the airline officials so that the name can be changed quickly and immediately.

Brussels Airlines Date Change Policy

  • In case you are looking to change the date, the same applies 1 year from the date of flying. Passengers can change the date they want to fly at any time.
  • In case you don’t want to pay any fees while changing the date, you have to do the same within 24 hours of booking. A change fee would be applied if passengers miss the change window.
  • For any further information regarding the same, passengers are advised to contact us directly and we will be happy to offer assistance.

Brussels Airlines Flight Change Fee

In case you do not want to pay any fees while changing the flight fee, you must do the same within 24 hours of booking. A change fee would be applied if passengers miss the change window.

  • In case the passenger misses the window, they will have to pay a small fee of €25.
  • In case passengers seek assistance at the service center, EUR 40 will be charged for the same.
  • Passengers plan to upgrade their class to pay extra charges for the same.
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