EasyJet Cancellation Policy

EasyJet is a popular European budget airline that provides low-cost flights to customers. However, like most budget airlines, it operates with a strict cancellation policy, which means that passengers may have to pay a fee to change or cancel their books. In this guide, we outline the details of the EasyJet flight-cancellation policy.

Exceptions to the compensation policy

EasyJet does not offer compensation if the flight delay or cancellation is due to circumstances beyond the airline’s control, such as severe weather or air-traffic control strikes. The airline also does not offer compensation if it can find replacement flights with the same departure and arrival times.

Cancellation due to illness

In the case of sickness, passengers should contact the airline’s booking department to request a cancellation. The airline provides a voucher that can be used within six months of cancellation. If a flight is delayed owing to weather conditions, passengers will be accommodated on a different flight within 24 h and will receive a coupon for future purchases.

24-hour cancellation policy

EasyJet has a 24-hour cancellation policy that allows passengers to change or cancel their bookings within one day of reservation and receive a full refund, excluding cancellation fees. If the booking is changed or canceled after 24 hours, a cancellation fee will be applied, and the airline will not be obligated to offer a refund.

Unexpected circumstances

In some cases, such as unexpected circumstances impacting the trip, the airline may allow cancellations without incurring a fee and issue a full refund. However, it is important to note that no ticket is fully refundable and there may be hidden charges for any action.

Compensation for cancellations and delays

EasyJet’s cancellation policy is based on European Union (EU) legislation and provides compensation in case of cancellations or delays. Passengers are entitled to compensation of up to €600 per person if their flight is canceled within 14 days of travel or at a late notice. The airline is also required to compensate passengers by up to €600 per person if a flight is delayed for over three hours.

How to Cancel Easyjet Flight Ticket

Guide to EasyJet Flight Cancellation

EasyJet provides multiple methods to cancel flight reservations. Whether you prefer to do it online or through customer service, this guide will help you with steps to make the process hassle-free.

Online Method:

  1. Log on the EasyJet website.
  2. Navigate the “Manage Booking” section.
  3. Pick the flight reservation you want to cancel.
  4. Click the “Cancel” button and follow instructions.
  5. A cancellation fee may be applicable and can be paid using the payment method of your choice.
  6. You will receive a confirmation email once the cancellation is successfully completed.

Self-Service Option:

  1. Sign into the “Manage Booking” section of the EasyJet website.
  2. Enter your booking reference, email, or password.
  3. Select flight reservation to cancel.
  4. Click on the “Cancellation” button to confirm the action.
  5. A confirmation email was sent after the cancellation process was completed.

Customer service hotlines

  • Call the EasyJet customer service hotline at +44 (0) 330 5515151.
  • Provide your ticket number, booking reference, name, reservation time, and date.
  • A fee may be applied, and you will be asked to wait on the line when the cancellation process is completed.

Cancelling Within 24 Hours of Booking

  1. Log into the ‘Manage Booking’ section of the EasyJet website.
  2. Click the “Cancel” button next to the flight reservation button.
  3. A cancellation fee of £30 was charged.
  4. You can also choose to call the EasyJet call center, but this will incur an additional £5 fee.

Cancelling at airport

  • Head to the airport and find a flight cancellation desk.
  • Speak to a representative and provides the required details.
  • Pay any necessary fees.
  • Note: The fees and process for cancelling flights vary based on the type of ticket purchased.

EasyJet Refund Policy

EasyJet implemented a refund policy in response to the recent increase in flight cancellations. Before applying for a refund, it is important to understand its limitations and eligibility criteria. This guide provides a comprehensive overview of EasyJet’s refund policy and the process of claiming a refund.

Eligibility for Refund

  • Government-imposed lockdowns directly impacting the trip
  • Cancellations made within 24 hours of booking
  • Serious illness or close family bereavement (cancellation fee may apply)

Refund Process

  • Fill out the EasyJet flight cancellation claim form
  • Provide the required information
  • Refunds can only be issued through EasyJet’s account or the original transaction method
  • If the original payment mode is no longer accessible, an alternate option will be provided
  • If the tickets were booked through an agent, the passenger will have to claim a refund from the agent (fees charged by the agent are not the responsibility of the airline)

Ticket Type

  • Refundable tickets are eligible for a full refund
  • Non-refundable tickets may have a revocation fee and can be refunded in the form of vouchers or credits

Important Note – Refunds only cover the ticket value after deducting any relevant charges and may not include a cancellation fee

The refund will be credited to the original bank account after the deduction of any cancellation fee

Refunds are not provided for health issues, death, military or government influence, or if the flight was canceled by the airline without notice

EasyJet’s refund policy is subject to certain limitations and the eligibility criteria. Passengers must provide the required information in the EasyJet flight cancellation claim form and understand their ticket type before applying for a refund. The refund is credited to the original bank account after deducting any cancellation fee, and is usually issued in the same currency as the original booking.

EasyJet Flight Cancellations Fee

Like many airlines, EasyJet may impose a cancellation fee to cancel a ticket. The fee amount depends on several factors such as the passenger’s location, time of cancellation, reason for cancellation, and method of cancellation. The fee can range from £33 to £38; passengers who cancel on the day of booking incur a fee of £33 and those who cancel via customer service incur a fee of £38.

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